The following standards are to be used by all project data entry volunteers:

  1. Enter all spelling and punctuation as it is in the original document.
  2. Please double-space at the end of each sentence after the period.
  3. When the biography contains paragraphs, please use a standard 5-character tab for indenting.
  4. When entering existing biographies, there are times when an obvious error exists in the original document. Enter the data as it is, but insert [sic] after the error. Then provide an explanation in brackets later [the name was really spelled "BEHL"]
  5. Each entry will contain the source for the biography the biography entry a list of surnames in the document a list of additional locations mentioned in the biography.  Biographies generally list the location of the subject. If this is not done, assume the location is the place the subject was living at the time the biography was written. If there is no indication as to where the subject was living, assume the location is the subject's location at time of death. Biographies are stored in the archives by the county location.
  6. In the surname index at the bottom, include the subject's surname.
  7. Do not include commas or colons do not include the word "county" or "Co."
  8. With multiple word locations, use an underline to show the connection ie. sussex-nj

Each entry will contain

  1. the primary subject of the biography, ie. Henry BALE.

  2. location ie. Sussex-NJ

  3. the biography entry, the text
  4. the source for the biography,
    ie. Kentucky: A History of the State, Battle, Perrin, & Kniffin, 2nd ed., 1885, Butler Co.
  5. a list of surnames in the document, ie. BALE, DILBECK, MURRAY, SMITH