Ancestors of Alan Edward JONES


24. Antonio or Anton SAVANT LEVET

SOURCES: Show as age 30 in 12 Aug. 1882, which is
when he entered the USA at Port Philadelphia
on the ship called "Switzerland".
Microfilm serial #55057, part 126, SLC LIB.
Philadephia Port 1800-1900.
There is record of an "A. Savante" age 35
entering the USA at the port of New York
on 10 September 1888. Perhaps him re-entering
after a trip back to Italy.

EMPLOYMENT: Worked as a miner most likely for coal.

NOTES: Family stories say that he and other members
of the family went back to Italy for a while
and then returned to the USA.

25. Teresa MUSSO [MUSS]

NAME: Her last name might be MUS.