Ancestors of Alan Edward JONES


12. Joseph (Guiseppe SAVANT LEVET

NAMES: There is confusion about his middle name.
Evidently, there were so many SAVANTs
in their home town in Europe that a
prefix or suffix was added to distinquish them.
Some sources say his name was
Joseph Levet-Savant or Savant-Levet, and upon entering
the USA, only Savant was used as the last
name and L or Levet was used as a middle name.
Also note originally he was Guiseppe but the
americanized version Joseph was used after he entered the US.

SOURCES:1910 US Census Dalzell, Illinois where he was listed as age 40.
dated 30 Apr 1910, sup. dist. 7, ED 12, Sheet 25, Ward 7 precinct.
showing Hall Twp part of.
1901 US Census listed him as being 31 years old.
Death certificates of wife, & children 1 + 3
Marriage certificate of parents
Death certificate of child #2
Testimony of child #3

Joseph was a coal miner and developed lung problems
possibliy Black-Lung, and then worked as a town
police officer until his death.

NOTES: Came to USA in 1890, wife came in 1898.

13. Catterina Maria [Mary] PERINO

NAMES: She often went by the name of "Mary"

NOTES: She was a house wife and store clerk.
She worked for a family owned Dry Goods store
in Coal City, Illinois.
She died of Urinic Poisoning.
She came to the USA at age 19.