Ancestors of Alan Edward JONES


6. John Joseph SAVANT

NAMES: He used his dead brother's identity to obtain work
before he was of legal working age. He told me about this
himself. His brother was Joseph John SAVANT. This brother
died as a young child. So some records are in the wrong name.

SOURCES: Family knowledge, marriage certificate, birth certificates
of parents and child #2. I, Alan Jones, knew him.

EMPLOYMENT: clock maker in Illinois, mostly an auto mechanic,etc.
social security # 346-07-2315

NOTES: 1. Only married once
2. Deacon in First Baptist Church of Torrance California
3. He took on his deceased brother's identity when
he was very young inorder to work to support his
mother and siblings.
4. Buried in the Green Hills Memorial Park
San Pedro, California

SOURCES: 1910 US Census shows him as a 5 year old.

7. Pansy Marie BALES

SOURCES: Family knowledge, marriage certificate

NOTES: 1. Only married once
2. Was known as "Pat"