Ancestors of Alan Edward JONES


2. Eugene or Gene Edward JONES

NAME: While his legal first name was Eugene, he was
generally know as Gene.

SOURCE: Birth certificate, marriage certificates (all 3),
records of 1st divorce

EMPLOYMENT: social security number 448-22-8781
Electronics Engineer in the aerospace industry

NOTES: 1. He only had children by his first wife, Sharon

1st he married Sharon Joyce Savant on 22 February 1953 Calif
they divorced on 31 March 1966, Los Angeles Co. Calif
2nd he married Lois Dean Frazier on 2 July 1967
they divorced Dec. 11th 1969 Orange County, Calif.
3rd he married Margaret Grant Young Rogers on 13 June 1970

3. Sharon Joyce SAVANT

SOURCES: birth certificate, family knowledge

EMPLOYMENT: registered nurse, owner of Board And Care Facility
in San Diego, Calif.

1. married Eugene Edward Jones on 22 Feb 1953, Torrance, CA
divorced 31 March 1966
2. married Edward James Ploufe on 1 April 1966, Orange
County Calif. Also they slipped over the boarder to
Mexico and got married again.
Divorced 7 Aug 1970

3. married Joseph V. OLeary on 15 August 1986, San Diego, CA


1. Had 2 children from the first marriage
Had 1 child from the second marriage
Had no children from the third marriage