Ancestors of Alan Edward JONES


1. Alan Edward JONES

NAME: During the time his mother was married to Ed Ploufe,
Alan was known by both JONES and PLOUFE.

SOURCES: Personal knowledge, birth certificate, marriage certificate,
birth certificates of children,adoption record of child #1,

EMPLOYMENT: Senior Software Engineer at Unisys Corp.
Bachelors degree of Computer Science from BYU April 1985
social security number 561-02-9442

NOTES 1. Husband and wife were born on the same day, month and year
2. Adopted Aaron Tyler Wiggerman, who was Kathy's son
from her first marriage. His name became Aaron Tyler Jones.
3. Adoption occurred on 11 September 1985 in Provo, Utah county, Utah.
4. Aaron was sealed to his mother and adoptive father on
11 October 1986 at the Los Angeles temple

HEALTH: Struggled being overweight
developed high blood pressure

1. Kathleen Joy BALL

SOURCE: personal knowledge, birth certificate, marriage certificates,
divorce records, birth certificates of children.

EMPLOYMENT: secretarial positions
social security number 528-84-5755

NOTES: 1. Husband (Alan) and Kathy were born on the same date.
2. She went by the name "Kathy" most often, though her
mother called her "Puds"
3. She divorced her first husband Johannes Wiggerman
around 1979 or 1980.
4. She had 2 children by her first marriage.
The first one died at birth and was named Aaron Wiggerman.
The second child, Aaron Tyler Wiggerman, was later adopted
by second husband, Alan Jones.