Green County Kentucky Court

This Indenture made this seventh day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and twenty three between Sophia Bale (late the wife of Jacob Bale decd.) of the one part and
John Barret of the other part both of Green county and State of Kentucky.

Witnessed to the said Sophia Bale for valuable consideration to her in hand paid the receipt of which
is hereby acknowledged have granted, bargained and sold and do by these presents convey unto the
said John Barret my right, title, claim and demands as well to lands as funeral estate in the state of
New Jersey and particularly all rights, title, claim and demands which I now have or may hereafter have
as well to the funeral estate as such lands as my father Caspur Snok late of township of Newton is the
State of New Jersey died seized and possessed. It is to be well understood that this conveyance embraces
all interest which I now have or may hereafter have in the estate willed by my said father Caspur Snook to
my sister Rhoda, hereby vesting the said John Barret with all right title which I have or may have either
in law or equity, together with all & singular the appurtenances hereunto to him the said John Barret and
his heir forever. And the said Sophia Bale does by these present convenant and agree to and with the
said John Barret to warrant and defend the same from her and her heir and all claiming under them to
the said John Barret.

In testimony where of she has hereunto put her hand and seal this day before written ---
     John Bale
     George Robinson’s (X his mark) Mark E. Huston
     Green B Jameson

Sophia Bale

State of Kentucky Green County Clerk, I Augustus M Barret, Deputy for John Barret clerk of the county court
of the county aforesaid certify that this deed from Sophia Bale to John Barret was on the 5th day of September
last presented before me in my office and proven to be the act and deed of the said Sophia by the oaths of
Mark E. Haston & Green B. Jameson two of the subscribing witnesses thereto.

Where upon the same together with this certificate is truly recorded in my office. --
Given under my hand this 16th day of September 1823.
Augustus M. Barret D.C.G.C.

Transcribed by Alan E. Jones December 10, 1996

NOTE Where the spelling was not clear from the original a best guess was used and underlined. All clearly misspelled words were left as is.