of the estate of
Henry BALE (Beel)

Inventory of the Estate of Henry Bale (Beel) as supplied by his widow, Elizabeth Bale (Beel). Inventoried the 9th day of April, 1783. All goods listed in Liber no. 25, page 260. A copy of the original record on file in the Archives and History Bureau, New Jersey State Library, file # 9985. Signed by the hand of Elizabeth Bale. (The amount of Henry Bale’s estate is not listed in dollars, but probably in Pounds, by the Gold Standard.) The spelling of the Items listed below are the exact same as the original. You must use your imagination. (See parentheses for hints).

His wering abarrell (his wearing apparel) 400
8 hade of Horses (8 head of horses) 6800
2 horsas (2 horses) 1000
6 milk cows 3000
1 fore olt stear (1 four old steer) 300
5 three yare olts (5 three year olds) 1500
4 two yare olts (4 two year olds) 800
2 one yare olts (2 one year olds) 200
22 hade of ship (22 head of sheep) 940
10 hade of swine (10 head of swine) 4150
the farm and Mell (the farm and mill) 20000
One sade of Blacksmith Tuls (tools) 1200
Two Huttert of iron (?) 300
one new wagon 7176
One olt wagon and gers (gears) 900
farmers (?) 6110
Carpenters Tuls (tools) 370
A Bibel and other buks (A bible and other books) 300
Houshold furniture 1583
Lumber 10
One Schist (?) 120
Two sattles one beytel (two saddles one bridle) 1150
One gune and catrige box (one gun and cartridge box) 100
Three Bads and (?) (three beds and bedding) 700
Two iron stoves 190
in case 124144
in Nodes (notes) 117611
Buk Dats (Book debt) 17507